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HOW TO SHOP: Mamie’s Way products are available for purchase at the weekly farmers’ market on Thursdays in Grinnell, Iowa or by contacting Carolyn directly by emailing at or calling/texting 225-892-0367. Local pick up is available or I can ship your products USPS for a flat rate of $9 per order. Payment is required before shipping (Paypal or Venmo @mamiesway or via phone order). Purchases made in person or via pick up can be paid for via credit card or cash. No checks accepted.

Mamie’s Way Herbs offers products inspired by the folk healing practices of our ancestors. Long before the emergence of modern pharmaceuticals, women turned to their gardens and wild spaces to find the medicinal plants that would help them tend to their family’s health needs. Mamie’s Way Herbs honors this history by growing the same medicinal plants and creating products that follow in the footsteps of countless generations of women. By incorporating Mamie’s Way products into your own wellness regimen, you become part of this long lineage of healing.

As a small, home-based producer, Mamie’s Way has a limited supply of each product. Please be patient if I am out of stock of your favorite product! I assure you that I am working hard to make more salves, balms, sprays, and tinctures for you.

Product List:

  • Blemish Balm salve stick,
  • Blemish Balm 2 oz oil,
  • Calendula & Rose Hips salve tin,
  • Healthy Glow salve tin,
  • Health Glow 2 oz oil,
  • In A Scrape roller
  • Lovely Lavender roller,
  • Pep Me Up roller,
  • Skin Soother roller,
  • Sweet Cheeks salve tin,
  • Sweet Cheeks 2 oz oil,
  • Warming Oil 2 oz oil,
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