Bedtime Tincture: California Poppy, Catmint & Hops


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California poppy is native to North America and was an important part of indigenous healing practices. It has been widely adopted in European herbal communities as well for its demonstrated soporific effects. Catmint, native to Central Europe, has a similarly sedating effect in humans. Hops, too, have been used historically as a sleep aide, and this function has been confirmed in clinical studies. This tincture combines these three herbs in an apple cider vinegar infusion.

Start with 1/2 dropper of the tincture at bedtime. This can be taken on its own or added to a soothing tea.

The above statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. The information provided is for educational purposes only. Mamie’s Way Herbs makes no medical or health claims about any of its products. For all health or medical related issues, consult your primary health care provider. 

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