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The Wheel of the Year spread uses 15 cards to signify the twelve months ahead, as well as the present moment, the ending point, and an overarching theme. Discussion of the message of each card and the spread will take approximately 90 minutes.

In person option: Our time together will include a cup of tea and meditative exercises for grounding and clearing. You may bring one friend along for support or note-taking, if you wish. Our session is a sacred time and therefore no audio or video recording is permitted. We will meet at Mamie’s Way in Grinnell, Iowa. We will discuss via phone or video chat a mutually agreeable date and time.

Videochat: Our time together will include meditative exercises for ground and clearing. You may have a friend with you for support or note-taking. Our session is a sacred time and therefore no audio or video recording is permitted.

When you make your purchase, please remember to include your name and preferred contact information. I will contact you within 24 hours to arrange our appointment time. 

Cost: $65

Please note that my home includes two small dogs and stairs. Please contact MamiesWayHerbs@gmail.com to discuss allergies and accessibility.

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