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I have been reading Tarot for myself and others since 2002. I work exclusively with Kris Waldherr’s Goddess Tarot. This deck centers the Divine Feminine. This does not mean that the cards only have meaning for cis-women. Everyone can and should connect with the Divine Feminine!

  • Wheel of the Year Spread. This spread uses fifteen cards that highlight the coming twelve months, as well as three additional cards that signify the present moment, the resolution, and the overarching theme. Useful for setting a course for the year ahead or illuminating long term themes to an issue.
  • Here and Now Spread. This spread uses three cards to signify the immediate past, the present, and the immediate future. Useful for a pressing matter that you need some perspective on or gaining clarity on your current status.
  • The Bigger Picture Spread. This spread uses five cards to signify the immediate past, the present, the immediate future, an overarching internal influence, and a significant external influence. Useful for gaining clarity on an issue, feelings, or next step.
  • One Card Draw. Sometimes, all you need is one card that says it all.

When you make your purchase, be sure to provide your name and preferred contact information. I will contact you within 24 hours to set up our appointment.

2 thoughts on “Tarot Readings

  1. Kelly Hansen Maher June 30, 2019 — 5:19 pm

    Carolyn’s tarot readings are very centering! Both my daughter and I have had Carolyn read our cards several times over the last few years, and it is always an enriching experience. She creates a ritual space of focused intention and lets her intuition and knowledge of her deck guide the reading with an eye to self-discovery and renewed attention to one’s own best path.

    1. Carolyn Herbst Lewis June 30, 2019 — 11:37 pm

      Thank you, Kelly! It’s always a pleasure to work with you and your daughter.

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